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     Michael Bradley Apparatus offers a wide selection of industrial and commercial motors plus an expert repair team to keep your operation running smoothly.
    We are the largest Electric Motor and Generator repair facility in the Mid Ohio Valley. We provide electric motor repair and rebuild, remove pumps and motors and reinstall, gearbox repair and rebuild, and pump repairs, Full System Integration, onsite diagnostics including Infrared Thermography, Vibration Analysis and Vibration Trending.
   We provide Industrial Motor Repair Services to companies in Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. The work is done right here in the Mid Ohio Valley. You can find us at 116 Industry Rd. Marietta, Ohio.

                                      Warranty repair service center for
                                           Marathon, World Wide & Zolar Motors

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   EASA Approved Shop    We Service The Following
EASA is an international trade organization of over 2,000 electro
mechanical sales and service firms in 50 countries. Through its many engineering 
 and educational programs, EASA
 provides members with a means of
 keeping up to date on materials,
 equipment, and state-of-the-art

UL Certified Plant

 Need A New Motor?
 We feature Worldwide Electric Motors up 
 to 500HP. Find the AC motor or DC 
 motor you need.

 Need Motor Service?
 Bring in your electrical motors for 
 rebuilds, rewinds, complete
 reconditioning and balancing services.
 We proudly service all manufacturers.

 Emergency Service?
 Take advantage of our 24hr emergency
 service. To get help right away contact  
 us by phone at: (800) 348-3502
  • Agricultural
  • Cement Mills
  • Chemical
  • Marine
  • Municipal & Wastewater
  • Petrochemical
  • Plastic Manufacturing
  • Power Utilities
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Recycling
  • Steel Mill
  • United States Government


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